The Roman Cemetery of Fiscardo
This discovery on Kefalonia is the first such find on an island in the Ionian Sea - and Greek experts believe that this may suggest a previously unknown route between the two ancient cultures of Greece and Italy.
The Roman Cemetery of Fiscardo

Τhe Roman cemetery dates from the 2nd (BC) to the 4th century (AD) and came to light by chance. Excavations revealed parts of a large graveyard, which contained two rectangular sections as well as a total of 27 tombs.

The tombs show great variation in their architectural form and offerings were found inside them such as pottery and glass vases, jewellery, metal objects and coins.

On a nearby plot, archaeologists also discovered a remarkably well-preserved theatre with their stone back rests still in place. Other excavations have uncovered remains of houses and a bath complex, all dating to Roman times – between 146 B.C. and 330 A.D.