Mount Ainos
The park is a paradise for hikers, especially on its East side, which is more savage. Also, you might see the renowned wild horses in awe.
Mount Ainos

As if rising from the infinite blue sea, standing tall and solid above all, mount Ainos embraces the great diversities that Mother Nature crafted in Kefalonia.

Hike your path through the tallest mountain of the island, a National Park of unique spendour, providing shelter to rare and one-of-a-kind species of flora and fauna in a scenery of untamed beauty.

Walk among the lush vegetation in the deep green, Black Fir forest, covered with the unique endemic “abies cephalonica” fir trees, smell the fragrance of the endemic variety of elegant orchid flowers, explore the rare flora species.

While drinking water from the fountain, don’t get surprised from unexpected visitors! Meet the renowned wild horses in awe. The gentle animals have survived for centuries in the wild nature but less of them still exist. Their similarity to the ancient horse sculptures is really impressive. Here you can also meet several rare species of fauna, such as fox, beech marten, hare, the black wood pecker and others.

Walk up to Megas Soros summit and enjoy breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea and the surrounding islands of Zante, Ithaca, Lefkada. On a clear day you sight can reach the NW Peloponnese.

During a long hike more surprises are to come. Explore uncharted trails and mysterious lakes and caves of unrivalled beauty await you!