Mazarakata Mycenaean Cemetery
It is worth to visit the tombs at Mazarakata which are manmade holes cut into the rock. There are series of clefts each leading into manmade caves with tomb-holes cut into the floor.
Mazarakata Mycenaean Cemetery

This ancient cemetery was discovered in 1908 by P.Kavvadias, an archaeologist from Kefalonia. It is considered to be the largest Mycenaean cemetery on the island so far and is located approximately 9km from Argostoli.

The cemetery was excavated by the Swiss De Bosset during his period as Resident of Kefalonia (1810-1814). Work continued in stages from 1889 to 1909 by Panayotis Kavvadias and more recently by Spyros Marinatos in the early 1950s.

Excavations brought to light 17 chamber tombs, which were found unbroken and filled with vessels with beautiful colors and golden components of glass. The tombs are subterranean and carved in the natural bedrock.