Keri Sea Caves
The white colour of the rocks, the crystal blue of the sea, the sharp cliffs and the deep green mountains create a dramatic scenery, hard to believe unless seen!
Keri Sea Caves

With 18 kilometers of crenellated coastline, Keri is one of Zakynthos’ loveliest areas, boasting breathtaking scenery.

White cliffs rise steeply over phosphorescent blue water and mysterious caves, accessible only by boat from the port of Keri village, or by private yacht. One of the most impressive sights are the Big and Little Kamara (arch), two natural stone “bridges” whose foundations lie deep in the abyss, but are visible in the crystal-clear water down to a depth of 4,500 meters!

A boat ride under the Kamares is a unique experience, offering sightings of harmless bats but also of the Mediterranean seal, Monachus monachus.

Between the Kamares rise two white conical rocks, a short one and a taller one, called “Myzithres” by the locals after the traditional white Greek cheese. Towering above is the Keri lighthouse, an imposing edifice flying the largest Greek flag in the country.