Fiscardo Village
Surrounded by untamed, lush vegetation that almost reaches the coastline, the village of Fiscardo seems to be part of a dreamy landscape.
Fiscardo Village

A former fishing village that has transformed into a high status cosmopolitan resort, without losing its quintessence. Fiscardo was left virtually unscathed by the 1953 earthquake and still carries the traditional colour, the grace and the beauty of the island. A stroll around the narrow alleys will make you feel like a time traveler, rolling a century back.

The traditional port promenade is brimming with fine restaurants and taverns to satisfy everyone’s palate, cafes and souvenir shops, housed in renovated pre-earthquake Venetian style mansions. By night, Fiscardo takes on an entirely different perspective. It is considered to be the most cosmopolitan spot in Ionian Sea, the charming waterfront is lit up and vivid like a beehive. Alongside the port, one can see high-class, luxury sailing boats and yachts mooring next to traditional fishing boats.

It is a land filled with contrasts, where the rugged, heavily wooded hills (mostly cypress and pine trees, lesser olive trees) meet with the gleaming white-pebble beaches.