Assos Castle
The castle was built by the Venetian army, in order to protect the inhabitants from pirate raids.
Assos Castle

The Venetian Castle of Assos is located on top of the Assos peninsula and it is the largest among the two castles in Kefalonia. It was built by the Venetians in the 16th century on the west coast of the island in order to protect Assos village from pirates.

Building commenced in 1593 under the supervision of Ambrosius Cornelius, as the sign outside the main gate writes. Petitions had been made by the Kefalonians to the Venetian Senate for the foundation of a new fortress in 1584 as the castle of Saint George could not defend the whole island.

The stronghold was of great strategic importance and made Assos a capital city of the north side of the island. Nowadays, there are only remnants of the wall and other parts of the castle, as well as the church of San Marco.